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Internationally recognized Wine & Olive Oil

Aegean Products is a distribution company located in the Republic of Panama compromising to offer our customers the best Extra Virgin Olive oil and wines imported directly from Greece and extended from its original manufacturers.

Our LITHARI Extra Virgen Olive Oil is recognized by its quality, exceptional aroma and exclusive fruity flavor (Very low acidity 0.1 - 0.4); elaborated with the best olives harvested in Aigion Mountains.  Besides, these oils have an excelled presence in local Greek market and international, in which they are offered by exclusive catering companies associated in line cruises and exported to China, Europe, and America.  Our oils are elaborated following highest quality standards and in accordance to international models such as ISO 22000 - HACCP in order to offer customers an absolute natural product that conserves its intrinsic characteristics of Greek nature treasure.

Notwithstanding, tasting our wines, ASPROLITHI RED (Cabernet Sauvignon), and ASPROLITHI (Roditis),which aremanufactured with precious stock, harvested in the Aigion slopes and combined with modern tasting and in harmony and balance of Greek feeling.

Our wines has been award by several prizes and acknowledgments, in Greek competitions and internationals ones (during this year, in America for instance, it acceptance is increased in a 700%), due to an excellent relationship between price and quality of them (Wine Report 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 published by Dorling Kindersley).

El ASPROLITHI, for instance, won recently Gold Medal 2011 in an International Wine Contest of Berlin City , in which participated around 4,000 world class wines.


Our products

Award winning wine & excelent Greek olive oil

A delightfully fresh, white wine with excellent mouth feel that “irritates” the nose and palate with exotic fruit aromas of pineapple and kiwi, and a strong backbone of citrus like aromas typical of the Roditis variety. Certain minerality comes from the typicity of the region.
Though this wine is not a wine for long aging it is a medium body young wine, very fruity and mellow. Its aroma is characteristic of the distinctive aroma of its variety and reminds of bell pepper, red fruits, honey, cocoa and coffee. A warm and velvet sensation in the mouth is harmonically “disrupted” by its round - tannins.
Cabernet Sauvignon is among the most known international varieties. OENOFOROS has planted this unique variety in vineyards in the mountainous region above the town of Aigion considering the microclimate is perfect for this variety.

A wine with fine personality like Cabernet Sauvignon showcases the Oenoforo’s ideals rich dishes with strong character. Red meats with rich sauces, game, strong cheeses and pasta with rich red and spicy sauces are just some of the dishes that would accompany them. Enjoy it at 12 - 14 °C after having remained for a while in a carafe.
Lithari is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from the famous "Koronheiki" variety olive trees.

This specific variety gives one of the best olive oils in the world in flavour and aroma.
Carbonated Orange Juice Drink (20% Natural Juice).

A traditional Greek Taste since 1950. With water from Kefalovriso Spring.
Carbonated Lemon Juice Drink (7% Natural Juice)

A traditional Greek Taste since 1950. With water from Kefalovriso Spring.
Carbonated Sour Cherry Juice Drink (15% Natural Juice)

A traditional Greek Taste since 1950. With water from Kefalovriso Spring.
The aquafer, from which is taken “ZAGORI” water – proven by special hydrogeological studies and analyses – is protected against any external influence and pollution of the environment, while its physical construction ensures the consistent quality.
The popular elegant bottle, in tones of intense deep blue which contains the Natural Mineral Water with the proportionate addition of carbon dioxide offers the special sparkling taste of Zagori, in an individual packaging.